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Product Description

For every hobbyist or professional shrimp breeder, this high-quality net is a must have accessory for proper aquarium care. Before placing shrimp into your aquarium, you will need to make sure the water is at optimal levels. Shrimps can be placed in a bucket until you can add them back to the tank. Use this softly woven nylon net to scoop those little shrimps, and place them safely back into your tank. Shrimp are beautiful yet quite fragile creatures, and with the SunGrow net, you won’t have to worry about any snagging or tangling of fins. The depth of the net will also prevent shrimp from jumping or escaping.

Worried about soaking your arm when removing shrimps or other small fish from your tank? This retractable telescopic handle can be adjusted from 8.8 inch and lengthen to 16.8 inches. Easily reach in the deep tank to catch fish or other debris that you wish to remove. The sleek, adjustable handle is very securely and firmly attached to the net. Additionally, the stainless steel is strong, durable and resistant to any type of corrosion.

Whether you want to house ghost shrimps, cherry shrimps, amano shrimps or even betta fish and guppies, you will be using this practical net by SunGrow on a regular basis. It is even designed with a small hole in the handle to hang on a wall and be easily accessible.

TELESCOPIC HANDLE — This high-grade fishing net has a telescopic handle that can extend from 8.8 to 16.8 inches and the net of size 3 inches, making it simple to reach into deep water. This makes it suitable for all tank sizes.
SOFT WOVEN NET — This 3″ shrimp net is made from a soft woven nylon. It will not damage or snag your shrimp when you need to remove them and put in water again. It is also very securely attached to the handle.
USEFUL FOR VARIOUS SMALL AQUARIUM PETS — This SunGrow fishing net is useful and practical for catching red cherry shrimp, amano shrimp, betta fish, and guppies.
PRACTICAL DESIGN — This shrimp net is designed with a hole in the handle. You can use this to easily hang on the wall or near the aquarium for easy access.


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