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Nano Balls Make For Perfect Accompaniment for Your Shrimps

What are nano marimo moss balls?
Vibrant green, aesthetically appealing, all natural aquatic plants that shrimp love to interact with. These balls look great in contrast to brightly colored shrimp. They are a beautiful, rare type of algae that require very minimal maintenance. In Japan, these plants are so special that they are viewed as a treasure and are considered a good luck charm and treated as pets. For shrimp breeders, nano marimo moss balls are a must-have in their tanks. The nano balls are smaller than the traditional marimo balls making them the perfect size for shrimp tanks.

Why do shrimp love Luffy nano marimo moss balls so much?
When you first add marimo moss balls to your shrimp tank, they will float at the top while they absorb water. Eventually, the moss balls will sink to the bottom, but if you want to encourage the process, give them a gentle squeeze. Crystal red shrimp, amano, ghost, cherry red and other dwarf shrimp love to play with these small, lightweight marimo moss balls as they float down. On the ground, the shrimp will push around the moss balls and sometimes hide behind them to take a nap. Over time, the moss balls will collect debris and nutrients creating a delicious and healthy smorgasbord of green algae for your shrimp to munch on.

How do I use nano shrimp balls?
Your Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls have traveled a long distance to reach you; give them a quick rinse before adding them to your shrimp community. Drop as many shrimp balls into your tank as you see fit. To maximize the awesome benefits of your shrimp balls, you will want to use at least six nano marimo balls for every gallon of aquarium water. Ensure that the shrimp tank water is at room temperature and not under direct sunlight. Your pet shrimp will take to them almost immediately and begin entertaining themselves by bouncing them about and nibbling on these nutritious aquatic plants.

✔ SMALL IN SIZE, BIG IN BENEFITS — Live plants are highly advantageous for shrimp tanks, but it is important to find just the right aquatic plant. Luffy Nano Marimo Moss Balls are perfect for your freshwater aquarium housing dwarf shrimp, crayfish and all other shrimps because they provide incredible benefits to both the shrimp and the water. These exotic spherical plants do everything from entertaining your pet shrimp to absorb dirt and debris present in your aquarium water.
✔ PREVENT ACCUMULATION OF GUNK — Being a live plant, marimo moss balls also require food to survive. So they consider all the gunk and goop available in their tank as food and live off happily. Since these balls eat all the scum, there is hardly any space for the undesirable elements to grow. As a consequence, they help in keeping the tank water clean and fish and other live plants healthy.
✔ PROVIDE OXYGEN — Similar to other aquatic plants, marimo balls absorb certain substances and partake in photosynthesis into your aquarium. Natural byproducts from your shrimps may be harmless in small doses, but if you are breeding and have numerous shrimps in a tank, an abundance of these byproducts can cause stress and possibly kill your shrimp. Moss balls absorb all the dirt and debris.
✔ EASY TO CARE FOR WITH MINIMAL MAINTENANCE — Just as appropriate for starting out with your very first shrimp tank, as they are for an expert with multiple shrimp breeding aquariums, these low maintenance aquatic plants take up little of your time and even less energy. The only requirements to care for the amazingly resilient Luffy Nano Shrimp Balls are room temperature water, indirect sunlight, occasional water changes, and a gentle squeeze every now and then.
✔ LONG LASTING NATURAL CHARM — Originally smaller in size, the beautiful Nano Marimo Moss Balls have a long life and remain small in size for many years to come. Growing at a very slow rate of only 5 mm (0.2”) each year, these exquisite aquatic plants have an impressive lifespan of over 100 years when taken care of properly. Along with adding charm and beauty to your shrimp tank, your pet shrimp will have live companionship throughout its entire lifetime.


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