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Reasons Chinchillas Make Great Pets
Cute and perky, chinchillas have many outstanding characteristics; however, they are not the perfect pet for everyone. Domestic chinchillas are unable to tolerate hot and humid weather and can be uncomfortable in regions with this type of weather conditions. Low maintenance in both diet and grooming, chinchillas do not release any unpleasant odor and make no loud, annoying noises. Chinchillas have a longer lifespan than most rodents and typically live up to 15 years, but living between 18-22 years is also not uncommon. Boisterous and inquisitive by nature, chinchillas are a playful, friendly, and interactive pet. They are very active and do not like to be held. If chinchillas are squeezed too tightly, they may bite, making them not the best pet choice for small children. Chinchillas are still very affectionate with their pet parents and can become quite attached and loving.

Chinchillas are crepuscular animals, which means that they are primarily active at dawn and dusk, and prefer to sleep and not be disturbed during the day. This schedule makes the chinchilla an ideal pet for the working person who can head off for the day without feeling guilty. As they are somewhat high strung and have fairly short attention spans, it takes a little patience to train chinchillas, but they are trainable! As creatures of habit with strong internal clocks, it is best to train your chinchilla at the same time each day and use treats such as raisins for encouragement.

Encourages Personal Hygiene
Small animals like chinchillas, guinea pigs, rabbits, and rats have an instinctual desire to chew or nibble on things. They love to gnaw on just about anything without even realizing the adverse effect that they are doing to your furniture or shoes. Save your expensive furnishings and clothing by providing your furry friend with the edible straw chew home from Meric.

✔ HIGHLY PORTABLE, FOLDS UP IN SECONDS — On the next family trip, bring along your pet chinchilla and the portable Straw Chinchilla Hut, his home away from home. With a few simple moves, the small pet home collapses just right to become more compact and stackable. When folded flat, the straw home turns into a grass mat that fits easily in your trunk or behind your car seats.
✔ LIGHTWEIGHT AND DURABLE STRAW MATERIAL — Designed to create a bed that a small animal would build for themselves in the wild, the Meric Chinchilla House is expertly hand woven with high-quality straw material. The hay hut is lightweight yet durable and can last for your pet’s entire lifetime (only if they do not eat it). The material is soft of your chinchilla’s paws and they can even nibble and gnaw on.
✔ PRACTICAL FOR A VARIETY OF SPECIES — More than a chinchilla home, the Meric Straw Hut is also suitable for many popular pocket pets. Guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits, rats, and mice all enjoy inside and around the woven straw home. Be creative and add a ramp or slide so that reptile pets like lizards, geckos, and snakes can crawl on top and bask in light from the heat lamp.
✔ AN ATTRACTIVE, RUSTIC HOME DECORATION — Even if you don’t have pets, this medium-sized woven grass box can also be a functional and attractive addition to your home decor. Use the straw tote in a business setting to conveniently store pens, markers, and other office supplies. At home, it can be used in a kids’ room to stow away toys like rattle or teethers or as a magazine holder in your living room.


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