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Product Description

Cat foutainCat foutain

cat fountaincat fountain



Change the water and clean the fountain 1 week.Please rinse filter with water before using.Filter should be changed every 2-4 weekPlease clean the pump every 2 week.When install pump, make sure that the water outlet of pump is connected with nozzle.The highest water level is 3/4 of the bowl height.and the lowest water level is more than the water outlet of the pump for a quiet operation. Indoor use only.

Have your cat always been delving into the toilet bowls, bathtubs, sinks to get their flowing water?

This is normal, cats tend to avoid still water in regual bowl.

The cat fountain come from Comsmart have motor pushes filtered( triple filtered), free-falling streams add oxygen for freshness, constant circulation helps fresh water, running water to the surface to encourage more picky drinker to drink more from it.

So this is more attractive way they get water, they’ll be the healthier and they’ll have less likely urinary and kidney problems and have softer “coat” !

Package Content:

1 x Pet Water Fountain

1 x DC Pump ( include USB/ Adapter)

1 x Cat Fountain Mat

3 x Replacement Filter

1 x Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit

1 x Instruction Manual

What makes our cat foutain unique?

cat fountain

cat fountain

Cat Fountain

Cat Fountain

cat fountain pump

cat fountain pump

High Quality 304 Stainless Steel Dish

Unbreakable, durable and easy to clean.

Water Level Window

Clearly displays, LED inside let you see the water level at night.

Extra Sponge

Added Pre-filter Sponge, extend the longevity of pump.

Cleaning the pump is essential to the longevity of fountain.









Step 1

Remove the pump cover.

Step 2

Remove the Impeller cap by fingernail under the lip.

Step 3

Remove the Impeller.

Step 4

Clean the parts with the cleaning kit come with.

【The Upgraded Pump】: This latest generation pump is designed with unique motor technology, Ultra Quiet ( below 40dB ), 1.5 W low power consumption, normally lasting between 2.5 – 4 years, which is much more stress-free and durable than others.
【Food-grade Material & Triple Filtration System】: The pet fountain is made of food-grade material, BPA free PP resin, 304 stainless steel modern tray is safer than plastic cat fountain,and easier to clean. Equipped with 3 extra replacement filters to keep the water fresh , meets human health standards.
【3 Different Flow Designs】 : You can turn the flower cover or petals to achieve 3 different flow modes: flower waterfall, flower bubble, and gentle fountain. The free-falling stream than still water in regular water bowl is more attractive to your pets. There are always water flow options designed especially for your pets.
【Capacity】: 2.4 L large capacity but compact fountain body, which means our it takes up less space but can holds more water.


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