Aquatic Arts – 1 Male CPO Crayfish – Live Freshwater Aquarium Lobster/Crawfish/Crawdad/Real Living Nano Fish Tank Pet

Price: $15.95
(as of Sep 15,2020 21:47:13 UTC – Details)

The CPO Dwarf Mexican Crayfish features a beautiful, eye-catching fiery orange coloration that
will add a crazy bright burst of color to any aquarium! They are one of the most brightly colored
varieties of invertebrates we offer. Additionally, they are easy to care for, and their feeding
requirements are simple – they feed on leftover food or almost any kind of fish food. They will
also eat high protein sinking pellets, veggies or plants, and freeze-dried or frozen foods.
Cuttlebone can be added to the aquarium to supplement calcium and will aid in exoskeleton
Dwarf crayfish like this one are among our favorite invertebrates here at Aquatic Arts and an
excellent choice for nano cubes or a micro aquarium. They are larger than dwarf shrimp (they
can grow up to 1.6 inches long) and tend to live much longer, but are still small enough to live in
a tank as small as 5 gallons. They are active and don’t typically hide during the day like most
larger crayfish, but they do appreciate décor that provides cover, such as fake reefing.
Substrate, such as sand or pebbles, is important to support crayfish.
Though this crayfish is small enough not to be a threat to most other tank inhabitants, they
occasionally go after dwarf shrimp (such as Bee Shrimp or Crystal Red Shrimp), so we can’t
guarantee safety for dwarf shrimp when raising them in the same tank. Most cichlids and
goldfish are aggressive toward crayfish, and any bottom feeder should also be avoided. They
generally can be kept with quick moving fish (such as Endlers, Tiger Barb, etc.) and snails,
including Limpet Snails and Red Racer Snails.
These do not hide during light hours like most crayfish – they are very active. However, they still do best in an aquarium with plants or tank décor that provide cover, such as a cave or tunnel.
They do well in most community tanks, though they occasionally have been known to eat dwarf shrimp. A Betta may try to attack dwarf crayfish, so we can’t recommend them as tankmates.
This crayfish very small sized, reaching a maximum size of 1.6 inches (4 cm). This makes it a prime candidate for small or nano aquariums, such as 5 to 10 gallon tanks.
This listing is for one male young adult crayfish. Each box of Aquatic Arts (formerly InvertObsession) brand plants and animals come with a 100% live arrival guarantee, plus free email support!

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